‘Song Of Parkland’ Brings Life-affirming Touch To Tragedy

Part of that poise, it’s noted, emanated from students in the theater program, and the joy they exhibit performing, coupled with Herzfeld’s emotional response once it’s over, is life-affirming, in the midst of a story so immersed in pain and darkness.
At the same time, the interviews provide insight into a small town that “feels broken,” wondering how a community recovers from the loss that made Parkland a household name.
“Song of Parkland” doesn’t answer some of these questions, and at best provides glimpses of the school’s emergence as a focal point of activism, through the students and their teacher.
    By that measure, the documentary could have easily run two or three times longer, although after the emotion of that cathartic Tony performance, there’s nothing wrong with leaving the audience wanting more, with a “Song” that hits nary a false note.
    “Song of Parkland” premieres Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. on HBO. Like CNN, the network is a unit of WarnerMedia.

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