‘Teddy Perkins’ From ‘Atlanta’ At The Emmys Confuses Fans

Perkins even hugged the winner, Bill Hader, as he headed to the stage to collect the award for his performance in “Barry.”
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It was assumed Glover had dressed in character for a joke.
But minutes later, Glover was there, as himself, with a full beard — unlike the clean shaven Perkins.
That caused lots of head scratching as to who had come as Perkins.
    “If Donald & LaKeith [Stanfield, one of the “Atlanta” costars] we’re both at the Emmy’s, who tf went as Teddy Perkins,” one person tweeted along with a photo which showed Glover, Stanfield, and fellow costar Brian Tyree Henry standing with Perkins.
    Can you be nominated for an Emmy for best audience moment at an awards show?

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