‘The Meg’ Sinks Its Teeth Into Old-fashioned Monster Movie

Because of those underpinnings, the writers don’t waste much time on science, or bother explaining how a living fossil might have survived this long. While the fear of the nuclear threat informed the giants let loose in the past, here it’s simple curiosity, which doesn’t quite possess the same cautionary kick.
The movie also stumbles occasionally in its efforts to be cute, veering out of its lane to incorporate little bits involving a dog and a kid.
Still, the special effects are convincing enough — considering what the audience is being asked to swallow — taking the inherent fear of sharks and incorporating science fiction to literally magnify them, in much the way “Deep Blue Sea” did a couple of decades ago. And like that time around, if somebody were to suggest that they’re going to need a bigger boat, everyone would be well advised to listen.
“The Meg” opens Aug. 10 in the U.S. It’s rated PG-13.

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