The Oscars Are For Lovers: A Look Back At Our Favorite Former Couples At The Legendary Award Show

Getting an invite to the Oscars is an honor like no other. Getting nominated for an actual Academy Award is an even bigger deal, but being one of the hottest couples on the red carpet for the big show is our favorite type of honor.

While technically power couples don’t get awards for looking gorgeous with their significant other, they do give fans all the feels and make them believe in love and shoot for a similar romance in their own lives.

Over the years, the Academy Awards have named iconic movies and actors the best of the best in the film industry, but even an Oscar win doesn’t mean ones relationship will last forever…sadly.

In fact, there are a lot of seemingly perfect couples who have stepped out at the prestigious award show throughout its history that have given us couple goals that are no longer together. It’s sad to say the least, but we still love them and live for their red carpet moments of Oscars past.

Couples like Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen for example were so freaking good looking back in the day and their red carpet photos are too fierce to not want to look back at.

What about the days of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Or, perhaps you’ll forever ship Jude Law and Sienna Miller or Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. who were so stinking cute together once upon a time.

While we are happy for all of the celebs that have broken up and found love again or are standing strong as a solo red carpet goer these days, we just can’t stop thinking about yesteryear.

To get in the mood for the 91st Academy Awards this Sunday, why not get in on our journey to the past by looking at some of the most iconic and beloved couples in Hollywood when they walked the Oscars red carpet together?

You know you want to!

We still have a few of these couple photos hanging at our desks for style and relationship inspiration, so you’re not alone in forever shipping these stars.

Plus, who says you have to stay together to be a legendary power couple? No one!



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