‘Tully’ Shines And ‘Overboard’ Sinks During Break From Blockbusters

“I’m here to take care of you,” Tully tells her, a line whose seductive power is magnified by just how at her wits end Marlo feels.
For those with an appetite for an early-summer movie with heart, but no costumes, “Tully” will take care of them, too.
Anna Faris, Eva Longoria in 'Overboard'

Anna Faris, Eva Longoria in 'Overboard'

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Alas, it’s a long plunge from there to “Overboard,” which flips the genders on a 1987 movie –starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — that had its issues then and certainly would have been even more problematic today.
Anna Faris plays Kate, the widowed mom of three girls, who gets stiffed on a job by a Mexican billionaire playboy, Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez), after she’s been hired to clean his luxury yacht. So when he falls into the ocean and turns up having completely lost his memory, she seizes on a hare-brained scheme to pretend that he’s her husband, essentially turning him into an indentured servant for the month so she can focus on studying for her nursing test.
Even for a jerk, convincing Leonardo that he has a family he doesn’t remember until he has “paid his debt” seems cruel, making the notion that the two would gradually fall for each other harder to swallow. And while waiting for that to happen, all that’s left, mostly, are a series of pratfalls, as the pampered heir — who has never worked a day in his life — tries to master a construction job and simple household chores.
There is one clever reference snuck in to the original movie, but other than that, “Overboard” demonstrates that not every idea deserves an encore. If the gender switch fostered some curiosity, the result is a comedy that — even without amnesia — would better be forgotten.
“Tully” and “Overboard” open May 4 in the U.S. They’re rated R and PG-13, respectively.

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