TV Characters Who’d Love National Wine Day As Much As We Do!

Today is National Wine Day! Yes, it’s a real holiday and why wine not celebrate with a glass of vino?

While we don’t usually need an excuse to have a glass of merlot or rosé after a long hard week at work, since today is National Wine Day it’s sort like the world wants us to have a glass. Who’s to complain with the world…or at least social media? Not us!

So, as you raise a glass to the best holiday ever, you should know you’re in good company. You’re not the only wino out there today. In fact, there are a lot of iconic TV characters who love a glass or the bottle (depending on their mood) that would love this holiday as much as we do. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite TV wine lovers in order to help celebrate this glorious occasion.

Whether it’s Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) sipping alone, or Cougar Town‘s Laurie Keller (Busy Philipps) and the rest of the Cul-de-Sac crew downing numerous bottles together, there are some fabulous TV characters that are winos at heart. These ladies and a few gentlemen for that matter deserve a special shout out on this holiday, because let’s face it they are probably part of the reason we all can rejoice and toast to National Wine Day in the first place.

What are you waiting for…it’s officially wine-o clock!


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