Twitter Loved Gayle King Flirting With Lenny Kravitz

Twitter went wild for King going for it when it came to the rocker.
“Haha @GayleKing is really out here shooting her shot w/ @LennyKravitz on @BravoWWHL #WWHL like…,” one person tweeted along with a gif of a woman shooting basketballs.
The flirting wasn’t one sided.
At one point, Cohen asked King about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey’s long distance relationship. King turned the question around to Kravitz, asking him if a long distance relationship between the two of them could work.
“First of all it wouldn’t be long distance as I would never let you go,” Kravitz told King.
But not everyone enjoyed the banter.
    Some people complained it was inappropriate.
    “Good thing Gayle King is a woman the way she’s treating Lenny Kravitz gag me,” one person tweeted. “If a man was doing that to a woman #metoo would have him tarred and feathered, Hog-tied and fired from his job.”


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