US Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw Called Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson’s friends rally to his side
“As soon as he posted that, his circle immediately jumped into action,” a source with knowledge of the situation told CNN. “That includes his ex-fiancĂ©e, Ariana Grande, who dropped everything to be there for him.”
Last month Davidson was slammed for mocking Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost his right eye in 2012 while serving in Afghanistan, during a comedy bit on “SNL.”
Davidson apologized the following week during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, and Crenshaw, the US representative-elect for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District, showed up during it.
‘SNL’ brings on congressman-elect to get apology from Pete Davidson
In what was a moving moment for many fans, the pair shook hands and reflected on the controversy.
After Davidson thanked him for coming on the show, the soon-to-be congressman jokingly responded, “Thanks for making a Republican look good.”
Crenshaw said he reached out to Davidson, even though they “don’t go back very far.”
“We’re not good friends,” Crenshaw told the Houston TV station. “But I think he appreciated hearing from me.”
    The man whom Davidson called a “war hero” said he told the actor, “Know you have value.”
    “Especially a guy like that,” Crenshaw told the station. “Sometimes he makes people laugh. Sometimes he makes people mad. But he makes people laugh a lot. It was a good conversation.”


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