Watch Brie Bella Grill The Bachelorette’s Peter Kraus Before His Date With Nikki

Brie Bella is screening Nikki Bella‘s dates!

Nikki is finally going on her highly anticipated date with Peter Kraus from The Bachelorette on this Sunday’s all-new episode of Total Bellas. But before Nikki and Peter see if sparks fly between them, her twin sis wants to ask Peter a few questions first.

“When we were younger I would pretend to be her and I’d be like, ‘Hi, my name’s Nicole…You wanna go out?’ And then I’d go tell her, I’m like, ‘You have to go out with this guy,” Brie says in this preview clip. “And Peter’s never met us so I can pretend I’m Nicole.”

Brie eventually decides not to pull a twin trick on Peter, but she does give him a FaceTime call to try to get some details on their date as Nikki watches in the background.

“So this is Brie. I’m trying to help my sister with like, what should her attire be? Should she wear her dancing shoes? Her surf shoes? Where are you guys going?” Brie asks Peter over the phone. “Are you nervous?”

“It comes and goes,” Peter admits. “You’re making me less nervous.”

“She’s nervous too,” Brie tells the hunky star.

“Do you want to get married one day, do you want to have kids?” Brie prods.

“Absolutely to both,” Peter answers.

“I’m just breaking the ice,” Brie smiles.

See Nikki’s reaction to Brie grilling her date in the clip above!



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