Watch Tyler Henry Make Contact With Sofía Vergara’s Late Aunt On Hollywood Medium

How’s that for a family reunion? 

In this clip from the upcoming season premiere of Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry sits down with Sofia Vergara for the first time. And it sounds like they’re in good company.

“So I have more than one person coming through,” Tyler tells her once their session has begun. The 23-year-old clairvoyant scribbles in his notebook for a few more seconds before looking up again. “Yeah, there’s two Rs,” he continues. “How many R names can you think of in the family?”

The actor, for her part, looks sort of bewildered. “Two,” she replies.

Who are they? As Tyler goes on to explain, the names belong to a pair of Sofia’s family members: An older woman with a “motherly” vibe about her and a younger man who died suddenly.

Watching from behind the scenes, Sofía’s niece Claudia covers her face with her hands.

“I think it’s my dad with my…it’s her aunt that passed away,” Claudia tells the camera.

And it isn’t long before Sofía comes to the same conclusion.

“Do you know of any women in the family who would have dealt with any issues involving leg swelling or fluid retention? It would have to be identifiable feature in a person,” Tyler says, adding that this particular person has always been one of Sofía’s biggest cheerleaders. 

His insights strike a chord with Sofía, who explains that her mom’s sister died five months earlier due to fluid retention issues following a knee replacement surgery.

“I wasn’t looking to make a connection with her, but it would be very like my aunt to be presenting herself and be very pushy,” Sofía laughed, before praising her experience with Tyler. “Unless they’re in our close family, nobody could have known the cause of her death.”

Hear more about Sofía’s relationship with her aunt in the clip above! 



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