We Stalked The Bachelor Season 23 Contestants On Social Media: Here’s What We Learned About Colton’s Ladies

It’s a very diverse, interesting, dynamic group of women.”

Well, when you have a Cinderella, a sloth, two Miss USA competitors and two Hannahs from Alabama, we think it’s safe to say interesting is the perfect word Chris Harrison could’ve used to describe The Bachelor’s new batch of contestants.

With the premiere of Colton Underwood‘s season less than a month away, ABC released the photos and bios of the 30 women Bachelor Nation will be meeting in season 23. And after checking out their job titles and interests, it’s safe to say this might really be the most dynamic group of contestants the reality hit has ever given us.

But when E! News caught up with Chris Harrison after he officially revealed the identities of the ladies, he also called the season 23 cast “a very smart group of women that kind of puts Colton on notice.”

When talking about the women in the video above, he revealed that Colton, the former professional football player who came in fourth on Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette, doesn’t really have a physical type. “It makes it fun to watch because you never really know who he is into,” Harrison dished of the 26-year-old Bachelor. (Oh, median age of the women this season? 24.4.)

But he does have a tell viewers will eventually pick up on.  

“Personality-wise, he’s easy to figure out,” Harrison teased, “He likes a strong, independent, powerful woman who is going to keep him on his toes.”

SO do any of the 30 women producers picked to date Colton have what it takes? We’ll have to wait until the season premiere on Monday, Jan. 7 to see if Colton’s future wife is in one of the limos, but until then, we did a little stalking on social media to see what else we could find out about the ladies. Plus, we documented how many Instagram followers they currently have, just so we can see who really starts racking up the followers once the season begins and the sponsorship opps start coming in…

The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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