What You Should Know About The 2019 Grammys’ Best New Artist Nominees

Heading into the 2019 Grammys on Sunday, the nominees in the Best New Artist category cover a range of genres, from rock to R&B to country.

And, as always, some of them aren’t exactly “new.”

But that doesn’t make the honor of being¬†recognized in one of the¬†Grammys’ most anticipated categories feel any lesser, especially for artists who’ve been toiling away for years on their craft and considered it among their wildest dreams to share a stage with stars they grew up idolizing, to count legends of the business among their fans and to have their names in the running for an award (or five) on music’s biggest night.

There are a whopping eight acts in the category this year, so to help you keep them straight (and maybe even impress your friends with your trivia skills), here are some essential things to know about each one.

May they all have a night to remember.


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