Who Talks More On The Voice: Kelly Clarkson Or Adam Levine?

It’s a battle of a different kind of voice on The Voice

While Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys have proved themselves to be coaches of the quieter kind, Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson seem to talk enough for the entire coaching panel, and now the question is: which one talks more?

They fight it out in a new featurette, exclusive to E! News. 

“Kelly’s pitch style is basically auctioneer,” Alicia says amid clips of Kelly talking at top speed. 

“You know, Kelly talks a lot,” Blake says, comparing her to another former coach. “I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for Adam now, because Kelly talks as much as Miley [Cyrus], and Adam’s been sitting by Miley in the seasons past, and I don’t know how he breathes.” 

However, Kelly wants everyone to know that Adam talks just as much as she does, and based on what we’re seeing, it seems that he tends to talk whenever Kelly talks.

“Adam thinks that I talk a lot. Y’all, all he does is talk. It’s remarkable that he thinks I’m the Chatty Kathy,” Kelly says. “I mean, I am a Chatty Kathy, but he is like right there with me.” 

While the question may never actually be answered, it sounds like there are no hard feelings between the two Chatty Kathys. 

“Kelly can talk all she wants. I will never not love it,” Adam says. “I think she’s hysterical.” 

Same, TBH.

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