Why John Legend Wants Louisiana To Amend Its Constitution

Voters in Louisiana will be asked in November if they want to amend the state’s constitution to remove the clause that allows non-unanimous jury decisions.
Legend is the founder of the criminal justice reform advocacy group FreeAmerica and has been outspoken on several issues, including mass incarceration, immigration and racial injustice.
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Last year, the Grammy winner visited Baton Rouge to offer his support for criminal justice reform in Louisiana.
Now he said he hopes people will support this “non-partisan” ballot issue to strike down non-unanimous decisions by juries.
“It’s time to come together, reject prejudice in all its forms and build a future in which everyone is valued and supported,” Legend wrote. “The 1898 constitutional convention was about denying voice to the expression of all of Louisiana’s citizens. This ballot question in November is about giving Louisiana her voice back.”

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