Why The Rush: All The Celebrity Couples Who Couldn’t Wait To Get Married In 2018

For all the things that 2018 was, it was not the year of the long engagement.

No, this year celebrities seemingly took it upon themselves to single-handedly pick up the slack for the regular people who studies show are waiting longer to get married, proving that you don’t need to get to know each other for years—or even a year—before taking the plunge. 

What can we attribute this new trend to?

Let’s see, there’s baby fever, one-upping your friends, not wanting to be the last of your squad to get married, tax breaks, encroaching existential dread, wanting to lock in a partner so you don’t have to face the apocalypse alone…

Or were there just that many cases of two people falling head over heels in love and not wanting to wait another minute to spend forever together?

Let’s just say, love was in the air, and kudos to every person who captured a bit of it to call their own.

Of course, in that race to the altar, not every couple made it to the finish line. Some things that seemed like a great idea one day don’t always hold up after a few months. Still, cheers to those temporarily blinded by infatuation all the same.

Overall, the appeal of an elopement or otherwise very private, small wedding is pretty obvious if you’re famous—no one knows about it till after the I-dos. But the theme that seems to apply to most of these couples, if not Nick and Priyanka’s traditional-meets-modern-meets-intimate-meets-blowout extravaganza, is that the brides and grooms enjoyed not having to make endless decisions and then wonder if everybody else was enjoying themselves.

But big or small, in the afternoon or over the course of a week, a wedding that happens in the heat of the moment can’t help but leave plenty of warm feelings in its wake.


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