‘Young Sheldon’ Paid Sweet Tribute To ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Another child, a girl, is messily fast asleep. A wall decal reveals she’s named Penny.
Young Raj is seen doing his homework. Young Howard is shown playing videogames in a bean bag chair and being addressed by a memorably booming voice. (Carol Ann Susi voiced Howard’s mom on “Big Bang Theory” before she died in 2014.) Young Bernadette has a microscope on her nightstand as she sleeps. And young bespectacled Amy is seen reading by flashlight.
Older Sheldon then concludes, “Thankfully, I was wrong.”
    The touching moment was a treat for “Big Bang Theory” fans, who had just finished bidding farewell to the characters they’ve grown to know and love over 12 seasons.
    The show signed off with a one-hour finale and a half-hour retrospective that aired after “Young Sheldon.”

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