Why George Clooney Didn’t Act In ‘Suburbicon’

In the film, the Mayers, who are African American, are harassed and accosted by the suburb’s white residents, who don’t want them in the neighborhood. Fences are erected around the Mayers’ home. Others play band instruments loudly at all hours of the day, in order to unnerve the family.
The “Suburbicon” script was first written by Joel and Ethan Cohen back in the mid-80s, Clooney said. Clooney and Grant Heslov also have writing credits.
“I thought it [was] an interesting thing to remind ourselves that none of these things are new, and that this is a battle that we’re going to be fighting for, we’ve been fighting since the beginning of our history and we’ll probably be fighting for a long time afterwards,” Clooney said.
“Suburbicon” premieres in theaters Friday.



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