Survivor: Edge Of Extinction Switches Up The Tribes With Hilarious Results

Bless you Wendy, Survivor’s most chaotic player ever. 

Wendy first terrorized the Manu tribe with her injured ankle and her refusal to let anyone kill a chicken and her theft of the flint, and tonight, even with a whole new tribe, Wendy was still at it. 

Jeff had all the players drop their buffs and pick new ones, forming three tribes instead of two. What ended up happening was that Kama was divided into two between Manu and Kama. All of the former Manu, which was now very small, ended up on one tribe together, named Lesu…except Wendy. Wendy stayed on Manu as the only person left with new tribemates. 

She was thrilled with her new tribemates and shared every piece of info she had about her former tribe, until her new tribe expressed desire to kill the chickens. 

Wendy first tried to convince them to wait until the chickens laid eggs, but then in the night, she gleefully set the chickens free. (Remember: she is not a vegetarian.) 

The rest of her tribe immediately knew she was responsible for letting the chickens go, but the chickens didn’t really go very far despite Wendy’s best efforts, so everyone else planned to kill the first one they could catch, even as Wendy begged. “You’re my best tribe! You’re my tribemates!” 

Then, with some major help from Wendy, the new Manu won immunity, and Lesu lost once again, meaning they had to go to Tribal without the original easy vote they thought they had, and Wendy has several more days at least to see what other chaos she can cause. Either she’s living on extremely borrowed time, or she’s going to end up winning this whole season. 

The former Manu tribe then had to head to Tribal while they all loved each other, and at first it seemed like they were getting rid of Lauren, who had basically stopped eating because of how nauseous the rice was making her. But Lauren was confident enough to not use her idol, and it ended up being Rick’s turn to head to the Edge of Extinction to be sad and cold with Reem, Keith, and Chris. 

Will Wendy survive another week next week despite her questionable chicken decision? Something tells us that yes she will. 

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Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. 



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